Acette implements Smart Messenger for a leading international courier service company. Smart Messenger will provide SMS alerts to customers, on the delivery status of consignments.

FedEx GSPs can download product brochure for Smart Messenger POD Confirmations.

Acette partners with SAFENET, a world leader in Cryptography and data security to provide HSMs, File and disk protection software.

Acette partners with Derdack, a world leader in SMS and MMS messaging, to offer enhanced messaging products.

Acette launches Derdack's message master Enterprise Alert in the middle-east.

Acette partners with ENTRUST, a world leader in data security solutions.

The new version of Derdack's xsp SMS messaging application is now available from Acette.

Oman Arab Bank launches first full mobile payment service in Oman, with Acette BANKSMART, allowing account services, and top-up of mobile phones.

Ahli United Bank launches first mobile payment service in Bahrain with Acette BANKSMART, allowing account services, and top-up of mobile phones.

Nawras certifies first SMSC connection for Oman Arab Bank's mobile payment service using Acette BANKSMART and message master xsp from Derdack.

Oman Arab Bank offers Konoos Loyalty rewards for payments made with EMV card, using Acette's LOYALTRACK.

Acette's MIGRATE data migration tool used with ERASE anti-money laundering system from NetEconomy.

Dubai Holding implements SMS alerting and escalation for monitoring critical system reports using message master Enterprise Alert.

Strong Technologies deploys SMS alerting and Pull solutions from Acette for TV Channel subscriptions in Africa.

Acette wins contract to deploy a comprehensive SMS infrastructure for Kahraama (Ministry of Water and Electricity) in Doha, Qatar.

Commercial Bank International in Dubai, deploys cryptography solutions from SAFENET and Acette for their new Internet Banking portal.

Major Bank in Oman, sees value in PROTECTDRIVE a solution from Acette and SAFENET for securing data on laptop hard disks.

Alliance Housing Bank in Oman completes EFT project in record time with advisory services from Acette.

Acette opens new offices in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat.

Public Establishment for Industrial Estates in Oman implements IT Governance recommendations from Acette.

Kuwait Oil Company chooses message master Enterprise Alert for alerting and message escalation to report activities in critical IT infrastructure.

Electronic Document Centre, Dubai develops secure PIN printing and mailing solutions based on SAFENET Hardware Security Modules and advice from Acette.

PROCCO Financial Services, Bahrain chooses cryptography solutions from Acette and SAFENET.

PECOMCO, Tehran chooses cryptography solutions from Acette and Eracom.

Noor Bank opts for BANKSMART mobile banking and payments solution from Acette.

Saudi Arabian International Bank opts for BANKSMART mobile banking and payments solution from Acette.

Bank of Kuwait and the Middle-east opts for BANKSMART mobile banking and payments solution from Acette and Derdack.

SafeNet Inc

SafeNet (Nasdaq: SFNT) is a global leader in information security and provides complete security solutions utilizing its encryption technologies to protect communications, intellectual property and digital identities, and offers a full range of products including hardware, software, and chips.

Acette re-sells SafeNet's products in UAE, Oman and the GCC

For Enquiries:Call +971-4-3908778 or


Product line

Hardware Security Module (HSM)
Identity Tokens
IPSec Gateways
WAN Encryptors
Windows Data-Encryption
Single Sign-On
PKI Toolkit


The Hardware Security Module: HSM


SafeNet has a full range of Hardware Security Module (HSM) products and solutions for digital identity, transactional security and financial messaging applications. SafeNet is established as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable innovators and leaders for enterprise and government HSM transaction security solutions.

These HSM products feature true hardware key management to maintain the integrity of encryption keys. SafeNet HSMs provide advanced features like direct hardware-to-hardware backup, split user role administration, multi-person authentication, and trusted path authentication coupled with proven security and operational deployment experience in some of the largest PKI's in the world.

Most Fortune 500 companies deploying PKI applications use SafeNet HSMs to protect their private keys.


Identity Tokens


SafeNet smart cards and SafeNet iKey™ USB tokens are secure devices that can hold users credentials, such as passwords, keys, certificates, or biometrics. The devices have an open, flexible operating system that can enable other capabilities such as storing personal information or physical access credentials securely to the device. The cards/tokens can be used in both PKI and non-PKI environments. Whether smart card or USB token, both form factors have identical capabilities and organizations can mix and match card/token types as requirements dictate.

SafeNet smart cards and tokens are designed with security, interoperability, convenience, and performance in mind


IPSec Gateways and VPN Clients


Built to meet the scalable demands of today's branch office networks, it provides key security and data management features including IPSec VPN tunneling, Network Address Translation and a firewall, while operating from 1.5 Mbps to 1 Gbps full-duplex. The gateways support from 500 to 3,000 VPN tunnels secure connections with DES, Triple DES, or AES encryption.


High-Speed WAN Encryptors


SafeNet has the world's only complete family of high-speed encryptors offering the flexibility to encrypt data at the Physical (Layer 1), Data Link (Layer 2), and Network layers (Layer 3), providing cost-effective solutions for implementing high-speed encryption without changing your organization's existing network infrastructure.

These devices help to protect privacy of citizens, lives of military personnel, and intellectual property of enterprises need impenetrable network security. SafeNet SafeEnterprise Encryptors are deployed by large banks, utilities, and Federal Government agencies. They offer extremely high level security (at 100 million key combinations per second, it would take longer than the age of the universe to decode the encryption). They are also more bandwidth-efficient, which results in a noticeable increase in network performance, and lower bandwidth costs.


Windows Data-Encryption


SafeNet offers a range of products for encrypting data at a disk level, file level and can serve as the ultimate line of defense against unauthorized disclosure of confidential electronic information. Mobile devices like laptop computers containing confidential data can easily be lost or stolen, and data transmitted through a corporate network, or via the internet, can be intercepted. With these tools deployed, a data thief hacker, or malicious employee/ex-employee, who is savvy enough to penetrate through all the perimeter security measures employed in a competent network, must still break through the most difficult and final frontier of fortification—data encryption.

SafeNet ProtectDrive, ProtectFile and ProtectPack software solutions deliver the ultimate line of defense protecting the storage and transmission of sensitive data on laptops, desktops, servers and mobile devices. The ‘Protect’ family of data encryption products is designed specifically for medium to large organizations to uniquely address the industry needs of ultimate security, usability, and manageability.


Single Sign-On - SafeNet Borderless Security


SafeNet Borderless Security Single Sign-On is a complete software and smart card solution that delivers simplified and secure Single Sign-On (SSO) for a full range of enterprise applications and network resources. Borderless Security Single Sign-On provides a definitive answer for those enterprises that are struggling with password-based authentication environments.


PKI Toolkit


The Luna PKI Toolkit provides secure, hardware-based key generation, digital encryption, signing and signature validation and is suitable for a wide range of custom e-commerce, e-mail, Web and forms processing applications. The Luna PKI toolkit provides standards-based API's allowing for ease of use and are FIPS 140-1 Level 3 validation, providing the highest levels of security and increases the operational efficiency of high-volume digital signing applications