Acette implements Smart Messenger for a leading international courier service company. Smart Messenger will provide SMS alerts to customers, on the delivery status of consignments.

FedEx GSPs can download product brochure for Smart Messenger POD Confirmations.

Acette partners with SAFENET, a world leader in Cryptography and data security to provide HSMs, File and disk protection software.

Acette partners with Derdack, a world leader in SMS and MMS messaging, to offer enhanced messaging products.

Acette launches Derdack's message master Enterprise Alert in the middle-east.

Acette partners with ENTRUST, a world leader in data security solutions.

The new version of Derdack's xsp SMS messaging application is now available from Acette.

Oman Arab Bank launches first full mobile payment service in Oman, with Acette BANKSMART, allowing account services, and top-up of mobile phones.

Ahli United Bank launches first mobile payment service in Bahrain with Acette BANKSMART, allowing account services, and top-up of mobile phones.

Nawras certifies first SMSC connection for Oman Arab Bank's mobile payment service using Acette BANKSMART and message master xsp from Derdack.

Oman Arab Bank offers Konoos Loyalty rewards for payments made with EMV card, using Acette's LOYALTRACK.

Acette's MIGRATE data migration tool used with ERASE anti-money laundering system from NetEconomy.

Dubai Holding implements SMS alerting and escalation for monitoring critical system reports using message master Enterprise Alert.

Strong Technologies deploys SMS alerting and Pull solutions from Acette for TV Channel subscriptions in Africa.

Acette wins contract to deploy a comprehensive SMS infrastructure for Kahraama (Ministry of Water and Electricity) in Doha, Qatar.

Commercial Bank International in Dubai, deploys cryptography solutions from SAFENET and Acette for their new Internet Banking portal.

Major Bank in Oman, sees value in PROTECTDRIVE a solution from Acette and SAFENET for securing data on laptop hard disks.

Alliance Housing Bank in Oman completes EFT project in record time with advisory services from Acette.

Acette opens new offices in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat.

Public Establishment for Industrial Estates in Oman implements IT Governance recommendations from Acette.

Kuwait Oil Company chooses message master Enterprise Alert for alerting and message escalation to report activities in critical IT infrastructure.

Electronic Document Centre, Dubai develops secure PIN printing and mailing solutions based on SAFENET Hardware Security Modules and advice from Acette.

PROCCO Financial Services, Bahrain chooses cryptography solutions from Acette and SAFENET.

PECOMCO, Tehran chooses cryptography solutions from Acette and Eracom.

Noor Bank opts for BANKSMART mobile banking and payments solution from Acette.

Saudi Arabian International Bank opts for BANKSMART mobile banking and payments solution from Acette.

Bank of Kuwait and the Middle-east opts for BANKSMART mobile banking and payments solution from Acette and Derdack.

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Bank Smart�

Smart Messenger�

Smart Match�

Cheque Mate�


Loyal Track�

Bank Smart™

Acette’s Bank Smart™ is a GSM-SMS Banking solution, from Acette, built on Derdack’s premium messaging engine message master™ xsp.  Targeted specifically for the Retail Banking industry, the solution facilitates customers to make account enquiries and transact their bank accounts and for banks to automatically send transaction notifications and alerts to GSM phones when specific events occur during stages in the banking business work-flow.  The system provides the necessary front-end technology and flexible architecture to support a SMS based delivery channel to provide significant benefits for the bank’s customers.ients should derive value to their business from both domain knowledge and technical expertise encapsulated in Acette’s services, solutions and products.

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Smart Messenger™

Acette�s Smart Messenger is an easy-to-use, flexible and quickly installable computer system for the automation of GSM-SMS messaging that greatly enhances the ability of businesses to communicate with customers and employees. Smart Messenger can be customized to integrate into existing computer systems to send and receive SMS. The product comes in various versions to cater to the needs of small and large users. Full integration with in-house computer systems can be achieved by directly accessing data held on external databases or through a TCP/IP socket interface. Smart Messenger can be used to automatically send out SMS alerts on specific events to customers, avoiding time-consuming telephone calls. Customers and employees can also enquire on the status of a transaction by sending out an SMS message and promptly getting an automated SMS response.

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Smart Match™

Acette�s Smart Match is an easy�to-use, flexible and quickly installable computer system for the automation of reconciliation activities in banks and financial institutions. Smart Match can easily be customized to integrate into existing computer systems and works independent of the existing database environment or application structure.

Reconciliation of transactions is among the finance industry�s most labour-intensive activities. It calls for the painstaking efforts of many very high-skilled people. In spite of using top-quality staff, traditional manual methods are error-prone, cumbersome and tedious. So, it�s not uncommon to see months of backlog in reconciliation departments where automated procedures have not been installed.

Most common computer systems auto-match those transactions where exactly identical key fields are seen. However, in practice, identical matches typically comprise less than 5 to 10 % of all transactions. This would mean that "forced matching" has to be done by manually searching through massive computer-printed reports.

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Cheque Mate™

Acette�s ChequeMate is a cheque imaging, archival and bank account reconciliation system that could bring about major operational efficiencies in the management and administration of post dated cheques and in the Bank Account Reconciliation associated with cheques. The system could be particularly useful for companies and financial institutions that use cheques as securities as in the hire purchase businesses, auto loans or for large scale real estate rental companies and wholesalers of white goods.

The system provides tools to enhance security and audit controls around cheque handling and allows for a quick audit of PDCs, for dual control for validating cheques and allows for cheque image retrieval, without removing the physical instruments and the associated risk of misuse or error. ChequeMate has easy capabilities for integration with host applications.

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Smit! is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that can be installed with each client and allows for mobile phone numbers to be picked up either from a local address book of each individual Outlook client or from any LDAP structure, like Microsoft Active Directory.

The user can then send out a free format text message to any of the mobile numbers stored in these address book structures. The Smit! module can be used by any one of the named users for within the message master™ range of products.

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Loyal Track

Acette�s LoyalTrack is a smartcard based customer loyalty system. LoyalTrack is deployed in banks in the Middle East. Customers of the bank earn points for usage of smart cards at merchant outlets. Points are redeemed for gifts offered by the bank in association with merchants. The accumulation, usage and balance of points are tracked and managed within LoyalTrack.