Acette implements Smart Messenger for a leading international courier service company. Smart Messenger will provide SMS alerts to customers, on the delivery status of consignments.

FedEx GSPs can download product brochure for Smart Messenger POD Confirmations.

Acette partners with SAFENET, a world leader in Cryptography and data security to provide HSMs, File and disk protection software.

Acette partners with Derdack, a world leader in SMS and MMS messaging, to offer enhanced messaging products.

Acette launches Derdack's message master Enterprise Alert in the middle-east.

Acette partners with ENTRUST, a world leader in data security solutions.

The new version of Derdack's xsp SMS messaging application is now available from Acette.

Oman Arab Bank launches first full mobile payment service in Oman, with Acette BANKSMART, allowing account services, and top-up of mobile phones.

Ahli United Bank launches first mobile payment service in Bahrain with Acette BANKSMART, allowing account services, and top-up of mobile phones.

Nawras certifies first SMSC connection for Oman Arab Bank's mobile payment service using Acette BANKSMART and message master xsp from Derdack.

Oman Arab Bank offers Konoos Loyalty rewards for payments made with EMV card, using Acette's LOYALTRACK.

Acette's MIGRATE data migration tool used with ERASE anti-money laundering system from NetEconomy.

Dubai Holding implements SMS alerting and escalation for monitoring critical system reports using message master Enterprise Alert.

Strong Technologies deploys SMS alerting and Pull solutions from Acette for TV Channel subscriptions in Africa.

Acette wins contract to deploy a comprehensive SMS infrastructure for Kahraama (Ministry of Water and Electricity) in Doha, Qatar.

Commercial Bank International in Dubai, deploys cryptography solutions from SAFENET and Acette for their new Internet Banking portal.

Major Bank in Oman, sees value in PROTECTDRIVE a solution from Acette and SAFENET for securing data on laptop hard disks.

Alliance Housing Bank in Oman completes EFT project in record time with advisory services from Acette.

Acette opens new offices in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat.

Public Establishment for Industrial Estates in Oman implements IT Governance recommendations from Acette.

Kuwait Oil Company chooses message master Enterprise Alert for alerting and message escalation to report activities in critical IT infrastructure.

Electronic Document Centre, Dubai develops secure PIN printing and mailing solutions based on SAFENET Hardware Security Modules and advice from Acette.

PROCCO Financial Services, Bahrain chooses cryptography solutions from Acette and SAFENET.

PECOMCO, Tehran chooses cryptography solutions from Acette and Eracom.

Noor Bank opts for BANKSMART mobile banking and payments solution from Acette.

Saudi Arabian International Bank opts for BANKSMART mobile banking and payments solution from Acette.

Bank of Kuwait and the Middle-east opts for BANKSMART mobile banking and payments solution from Acette and Derdack.

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